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The Bruusgaard System (TBS) is a unique turnkey portable gas detection solution, giving you increased safety and substantial cost savings through standardised instruments, routines, training and procurement.

We are a world leading supplier, with distribution hubs for calibration gas and consumables all around the globe. We offer quick and cost efficient delivery wherever it is needed.


At the core of The Bruusgaard System is Logistics Support.

In effect, we are your control centre. At any given time we know the status of all vessels and sites covered by The Bruusgaard System.
We consolidate all shipments and make sure you have everything you need on board until next scheduled delivery. This results in fewer shipments and substantial savings!

  • Year round follow up of instruments, spares and consumables
  • Handling of all shipments & logistics
  • Annual reports per vessel including budgeting

Full control and less administration means time saved.


Some of our customers have been able to go from 8 to 10 suppliers down to 1 – translating into cost savings of up to 40-50%. For one vessel, this could be thousands of dollars annually, and for a whole fleet, the cost savings can be dramatic. This is achieved through:

  • One contact for worldwide supply of spares & gases
  • All service and calibration can be done on site. No need to send instruments to shore.
  • Reductions of instrument types from 10-12 to 2-3

Reduced maintenance costs through:

  • On board calibration
  • Fewer instruments on board
  • No need for spares on board
  • One PO per year
  • Increased safety
  • Less use of administrative time

And a bonus is the elimination of inspection and vetting remarks.


  • Standardised vessel specific gas detector solutions
  • Total solutions including all equipment and routines necessary for efficient and safe use, storage and maintenance

All the equipment used for gas detection and calibration is placed in a custom-made wall cabinet. Including Log & Instruction Manual, which are crucial to maintaining the safety integrity.


 QA – strict routines and logging

  • Crew are able to use the instruments and follow the routines correctly
  • Instruments are in proper working condition at all times
  • Instruments are calibrated at correct intervals
  • Sensors and other items are replaced at correct intervals
  • Usage of the instruments is logged, including abnormal observations
  • Traceability – instrument history and usage
  • Routines and procedures can merge into the overall QA-system

Effective and proven training is an integrated part of The Bruusgaard System.