The Riken Keiki 03-series are personal single gas monitors designed for protection from exposure to HC, lack of O2, H2S or CO. Users will find the 03-series units robust, reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective. In addition, the instruments have a digital display, can be calibrated, and are dust and water-resistant (IP-67). The O3-series have a replaceable rubber boot, and in addition data log from 5 to 300 hours. Each version is equipped with visual, audible, and vibration alarms as standard. Operates 3000 hours on alkaline batteries, (GP-03 up to 35 hours). Easy replacement of sensors, filters and batteries.

03-series is available in these models:
HS-03, Sensor: H2S
OX-03, Sensor: O2
GP-03, Sensor: LEL
CO-03, Sensor: CO

SDM-03 – Automatic calibration, bump and datalogging station for 1-10 instruments.