Calibration Gases for Portable Gas Detectors

Calibration Gases for Portable Gas Detectors

We have the most common calibration gases and valves in stock, and can send these worldwide by air freight or courier service.

Calibration gases for portable gas detectors are required to be on board according to regulations. These gases can often be difficult to obtain in ports on short notice.

To save time, dangerous goods fee and freight cost, we have established local hubs.

  • Netherlands (Rotterdam/Amsterdam and all ports)
  • Singapore
  • Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
  • USA (Houston, Tampa and all ports)
  • UAE (Dubai and most ports)
  • UK (most ports)
  • China (Shanghai)
  • Norway (all ports)

The Bruusgaard System - Global Reach

MSDS downloads:

MB10000 Cal. Gas CO 50ppm in air, 12L/1L Btl
MB10003 Cal. Gas CO2 5% VOL in N2, 12L/1L Btl
MB10004 Cal. Gas Mix 50%LEL CH4,12%02,25ppmH2S,50ppmCO, 34L/1L Btl
MB10005 Cal. Gas nButane 50% LEL in Air, 12L/1L Btl
MB10006 Cal. Gas Nitrogen Pure, 12L/1L Btl
MB10007 Cal. Gas 8%  VOL Butane in CO2/N2, 12L/1L Btl
MB10008 Cal. Gas Isobutylene 100 ppm, 12L/1L Btl
MB10009 Cal. Gas Methane 50% LEL, 12L/1L Btl
MB10010 Cal. Gas Methane 15%VOL, 12L/1L Btl
MB10012 Cal. Gas Z-Cal gas (IG) 14% CO2 in N2, 12L/1L Btl
MB10013 Cal. Gas Ammonia 25 ppm, 34L/1L Btl
MB10014 Cal. Gas Ammonia 50 ppm, 34L/1L Btl
MB10015 Cal. Gas H2S 25 ppm in N2, 34L/1L Btl